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Try these fun and simple dice games for two or three players

Modern dice games are complex, require weird score sheet tracking and counting, and expensive sets full of tiny plastic pieces. It’s no wonder most commercial dice games end up in the hallway closet, never to be seen or played again.

We like these simple dice games because they only need up to two or three players, a sheet of paper and a pencil, and two or three dice packs.

The best part about fantastic dice games is that no video game consoles are required. They make for great family game night ideas, even while traveling, cost almost nothing, and are easy to learn. Here are the best, quick dice games to play at home.

Classic dice game ideas for family game night

Farkle dice game

You can buy Farkle sets on Amazon, but you don’t need to. Among multiplayer game night options, it's among the most popular dice games.

You'll need six dice and the patience to add up 10,000 points. As a result, Farkle plays a lot like the classic game "10,000".

The first player rolls all six of their dice.

Any dice that doesn’t score in a roll can be rolled again. But if you don't score anything on a roll, you lose all the points you earned for the whole round, so don’t press your luck. Play goes on to the highest score of 10,000.

Cho Han ("Even Odd") dice games

This classic game hails from Japan where players roll two dice in a dice cup, turn them upside down on the table, and other players guess whether the sum of the two dice adds up to an even or odd number.

Traditionally this is played with a wager and every player starts with an equal amount of cash. Then players bet money on whether the sum is even or odd. Then they can use their wager winnings to bet even more the next round. It’s also one of the best 2-player dice games for adults as a result.

But you can use candy, tokens, or game chips instead of money.

Pig Dice games

Perhaps it has the name "pig dice" because the goal is to avoid rolling 1's, and two little 1's look sorta like a pig's nose. ...right? 🐽

Anyway, the goal in this game is easy: each player rolls two dice as many times as they want with the goal of adding up pips to 100.

But if at any point you get one 1 on your turn, you don't earn any points for that turn and the next player rolls. If you get two 1's, you lose all your points accumulated during the entire game. Talk about squealing!

Fast-paced dice game ideas


We're partial to Bunco, a social party game great for large groups or as few as two or three players. Some Bunco nights include up to 12 or more players.

You'll need three dice and a sheet of paper. Or download our free score sheet. If you have multiple people, we've covered the rules more extensively in our guides.

A "Bunco" happens when a player rolls all their dice and the dice land facing the number of the round. So if on round 3 you roll 3-3-3, that's a Bunco and you earn 21 points.

The player who reaches 21 points first wins.

Going to Boston dice game

This dice game was no doubt invented by a parent desperate to entertain their kids in the car, no doubt on the way to Boston.

Each player starts with three dice and rolls, taking out the highest number of the roll. If you roll two dice that match the highest score for that roll, take out one.

Then roll the two dice you have left, taking out the highest score.

Then roll the last dice and add up all three highest-scoring dice from each roll. That's your score for the round and the next person goes.

This could go on forever, and play goes quickly, so set a score or round number you want to play before starting. That way the game ends at an agreed-upon round or score. Or whenever you get to Boston.

Pair Race dice games

This is a fast-paced dice game. You'll need three dice per player because everyone rolls simultaneously.

When a player says "Go," everyone starts to roll dice. You score 1 point every time you get a pair (like 2-2) of your three dice. The winner is the first person to get to ten.

If you don't have enough dice for everyone, you can play based on a stopwatch and attribute scores as you share dice.

Higher/Lower dice game

Recall watching The Price is Right and contestants checking with the audience to see if their bid should be higher or lower? Or if they believe one price is higher or lower than the retail price of a dinette set? This dice game works like that.

The first person rolls three dice and you add up the score. The other player calls "higher" or "lower", then they roll their dice. If the second player rolls a higher or lower score, based on whatever they called out before they rolled, they win two dice. If they lose, player 1 wins two dice.

Repeat this process back and forth until one player wins all the remaining dice. It's traditionally played with three dice, but you could use multiple six sided dice, or even multi-valued die.

Among fun dice games, this one is relatively easy to play in a car or on the go, so long as you have a little tray to roll the dice on.

Dice War

All the best dice games, like cards, have the word 'war' in them. Dice war throws out the notion of 'highest score wins' and pits players using three dice each on each round for control of the dice themselves.

In the first round, each person rolls 1 of their three dice simultaneously. The highest number wins and that player gets to keep all the dice on the table.

In round two, all roll again. If there's a draw, it's a draw and that round is moot. You have to have a clear winner each time.

The winner is either whoever has all the dice or has the most dice after a certain time period, like five or ten minutes.

First to 3

This is a brilliant family game that doubles as a race dice game. When someone says "Go," all players roll their dice. You'll need three dice each.

If you get a pair, leave them until you get a three-of-a-kind with the remaining dice. The goal is to be the first person to get a three-of-a-kind.

Know more fun dice games worth sharing?

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There are hundreds of fun dice games known around the world. When you're ready to play Bunco on your own, remember you can start at It's a simple dice game you can play online anytime on any device.