Dice on a pink background.

Here's an online dice game you can play with real dice

Among free dice games online, you can play Bunco with real and virtual dice

If you have three dice nearby and want to play a quick game (or three), you can use them in conjunction with the virtual dice roller built into PlayBunco.com. Here's how:

  1. Start by playing at PlayBunco.com - it's free, no account is required, no downloads, and no in-app purchases. Just load it up and start playing.
  2. As the computer players roll, you'll roll the virtual die, too. But before you roll, grab your physical dice at your desk or table. Roll those classic dice and record the scores — either as yourself, or make up a name for an alternate player or even a character name.
  3. Then play on PlayBunco.com by rolling the virtual dice.

The quirk to this is you'll have to keep track of the separate scores since the virtual game won't be able to see or know about your physical dice.

But the benefit to this is you'll be able to play with kids.

Mix-and-match real and virtual Bunco for kids

Kids, especially young kids, may not seem excited about playing classic dice games like Bunco or even more involved games like Yahtzee, Backgammon, Monopoly, or other physical analog games. But combining the virtual dice roller at PlayBunco.com with a physical dice roll nearby at your desk or table can be a useful way to introduce kids to the game.

There are benefits to this for young children learning to play:

  1. The screen-oriented play can pique a child's interest
  2. Young children benefit from the hand control and dexterity necessary for rolling real dice
  3. Playing together with adults can help young children practice counting, addition, and patience.

At your discretion, you can introduce a small gambling component to the games by rewarding small children with candy or small trinkets for winning. We've talked before about how to play Bunco for money, bonuses, and higher stakes.

Mix real and virtual Bunco for older kids interested in programming

If you've played board games or tried a family game night with little success interesting older kids and teens, classic games like Bunco can be interesting to play with an eye toward computer programming.

Bunco and most other classic online dice games are, at their heart, a series of random number generators. On each dice roll, the computer chooses random numbers based on the game rules for each die. As each die virtually lands, the random numbers generated within milliseconds results in a random result for each dice graphic.

A lot of online games start with this kind of logic as their base, including card games such as Craps, Uno, or Solitaire. Random numbers generated on-the-fly are a central component to computer programming that carries over into more complex games like Dungeons and Dragons, PC shooters, and more.

With this kind of framing, older kids and teens find the game involves more logic than they thought.

Get started playing Bunco now

The core of Bunco is to have fun. You can roll dice in our free online game anytime at PlayBunco.com.