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How to host and what to bring to a bunco party

Liven up your Bunco group with these ideas for friends, girl’s night, or family

From dessert dashes to seating arrangements, you can go all-out or just add a few extra touches to your next Bunco tournament, party, or game night.

Bring the food and snacks on Bunco night

There are lots of fun ways you can structure food, drinks, and snacks depending on how much fun you want to have at your opponents' expense.

You could:

Traditionally the host provides the venue and everyone else chips in on food and prizes. Sometimes the host will provide everything, or just the venue, or just drinks. Ask before you attend your next party or host a Bunco night.

You could also consider a seated dinner party style event, where everyone eats a traditional before playing.

Consider special seating or snacks for the head table

In Bunco, winners stay or move to the head table. Being at the head table brings benefits, like being able to determine when the round ends and the next round begins. The head table rings the bell to start each round and sets the pace for the entire game.

In addition to reserving special food for the head table, special drinks can be awarded, too, like offering people their first adult beverage of the night, or more valuable drinks like cocktails instead of beer. The head table could also have better seating, if available, with plush chairs decorated to indicate their vaulted status.

Bring money to ante up the prize pot

Bring some cash to put into the shared prize pot. You can play Bunco with all sorts of variations in who captures money or wins prizes. We have a whole guide on how to play Bunco with real (or sorta real) money.

Small prizes are common, too. Fuzzy die are traditional items to bring, at least to hold to indicate whoever is the biggest loser, winner, or scorer of things like round wins, most mini-Bunco, etc.

Use these handy, free Bunco score sheets to keep track as you play the game. Each score sheet can be assigned to a table or a player as an individual scorecard. You can also use index cards or scrap paper as an individual scorecard for miscellaneous scorekeeping, like who has the most "snake eye" rolls among three dice, most baby Bunco rolls, and more.

How many prizes do you need for Bunco or a Bunco party? Like any party game night it depends on the size of the group.

The target number of players for a Bunco party is 12. That's enough to make for fun, dynamic table rotations with lots of friendly banter. It's also enough to sweeten the prize pots without making moving between tables in the next round cumbersome.

But you can go larger or smaller, with the easiest scaling done in multiples of four. Traditionally there are three tables of four players each. You can learn more about scaling up or down your Bunco group here.

Bunco party logistics that make the night go smoother

There are several Bunco supplies and things the Bunco host should consider or assign to a person to bring. They'll make the game move smoother through the night:

Grand Bunco night ideas to prove how serious you are

If you really want to prove to your friends how serious you are about your favorite dice game, these ideas really elevate your Bunco party to next-level status:

Your Bunco group may never want anyone else to host a Bunco party ever again, so be careful how much you overdo it. You might be the go-to Bunco host forever!

Play the Bunco dice game online, anytime, for free

You can brush up on your Bunco game skills with our free, online Bunco app. It works in your browser with no downloads or installation required, on any device, including tablets. It's like your own private Bunco party.

When you're ready to host a Bunco game, snap photos and tell us about it on Facebook.