A pair of dice - one is green, the other is blue.

Here are special Bunco rules for 2 players

Play Bunco with one other person using these specially modified game rules

You can play Bunco with one other person by each rolling for a standard 21 points. But the game may move too quickly. Instead, you can play Bunco with one other person and extend playing time by:

Forget that the head table rings a bell

The number of players in a typical Bunco party is traditionally 12 (it’s designed to be a social dice game, after all), with teams of two operating at three tables of four players each.

This strategy across three tables doesn’t work when two players stay at the same table. But you can regain some sense of a head table for a head player, and a losing team for a losing player.


If you are using more than three dice, we recommend stipulating that rolling three matching dice is not a Bunco. Instead, a Bunco occurs when all the dice rolled to match the same round number. Similarly for a mini-Bunco, requires all four, five, or six dice to match for a mini-Bunco.

Retain the idea of Bunco prizes

Prize money is the obvious benefit for a winning player, but you can play for the sake of playing or wager small perks like food or drinks. Using candy is especially useful if you're playing Bunco with kids since Bunco is a useful way to practice simple addition while you play.

Check out our guide on Bunco prizes and playing for money.

Can we use these special rules for playing Bunco with 3 players?

You can use these specially modified rules to play Bunco with three or even four players. However, at four players, traditional Bunco rules, where people operate as teams and one team of two serves as the “winning team,” enabling them to have the honor of “head table rings to end," can still work.

Alternatively, if you're playing with three players, you could have a ghost player serve as as the missing fourth. A ghost player, typically represented by a stuffed animal (or just an empty chair if you only have one table) is common, and typically played by everyone else taking turns at the same table.

If you're playing with three or four players, we recommend sticking with the traditional three dice and rolling for 21 points. But you can craft your perfect game by changing how many rounds you play or establishing house rules for most wins, most Buncos, or mini-Buncos a player rolls.

Even one or two people make it a Bunco party

Play online anytime with just one player at playbunco.com. It’s like playing with three other ghost players on your time and terms. No downloads or special apps are required. Just visit, roll, and play! Even in this digital format, you can form a 'bunco group' to enhance the social experience, connecting with others who share your enthusiasm for the game.