Various dice on a table with each showing a different number of sides.

Can you play Bunco or other dice games with 10- or 12-sided dice? You bet — here's how

Elevate a simple dice game to new heights with multi-sided dice

A simple dice game like Bunco works well with three six sided dice, but you can modify the game to new levels of fun with three 10- or 12-sided dice.

10-sided dice, called commonly called D10s (technically "decagonal" or "pentagonal trapezohedron" in mathematical terms) and 12-sided dice (technically "dodecahedron"), called D12s, can make an easy dice game like Bunco where you try to roll a three of a kind intensely more fun and are a great way to make a fast paced game even more frenetic.

Some dice go up to 20 points on a single roll. These dice are used for role playing games and can be used in Bunco, but you’ll have to triple or quadruple the “winning” score amount to make them work.

Consider using a dice cup to take turns rolling

Since D10 and D12 dies are sometimes larger to help people see the numbers on the sides, use a dice cup to help roll all three dice at once. It also helps you feel like a fancy bartender for a moment on each turn.

Modify house rules for what constitutes a Bunco

A Bunco is three dice rolled to represent the round number. But on twelve-sided dice, that doubles the number on each dice, with exponentially longer odds of rolling a Bunco and twice as many rounds. If that feels like too much or too long, consider these house rules:

The highest score wins, but on ten- or twelve-sided dice, we recommend changing the number of points to end the game from 21 to either 42 or even 64 to help extend gameplay. For shorter games, you could leave it at 21.

We recommend using a pad of paper nearby to serve as a score sheet since how many points players earn can really add up fast across all the rounds.

Modify the round numbers for what the dice represent

How many rounds you play is set by the number on the dice. If you're playing with ten-sided dice, go up to 10 rounds. If you're playing with twelve-sided dice, roll through 12 rounds.

Other special considerations to play Bunco with ten- or twelve-sided dice

Play Bunco online, anytime, the traditional way

Bunco can be an exciting dice game, but if you don't have the number of players you need or a single die to work with, visit and start playing on your own. Bunco has simple rules and it's quick to learn if you've not played before. Check out our Bunco rules guide and start rolling.