A pair of dice with a ribbon in front of a christmas tree.

Christmas game ideas for families with kids that are quick, easy, and fun

Classic dice, board, and fun game ideas with a festive twist

Add some Christmas cheer to already great, classic game ideas this holiday season. Amid all the excitement of gifts, busyness, and cooking, the whole family can keep the kids busy and slow everything down with one of these great game ideas.

Make any game a Christmas version of itself with the right prizes

First off, you can turn just about any game into a Christmas party game with the right prizes and rewards.

Christmas party games for kids and adults

Try any of these fun Christmas games this holiday season.

Go on a candy cane hunt

This holiday-themed scavenger hunt idea is a twist on an Easter egg hunt, but unlike eggs, candy canes are a lot easier to hide in interesting places with their built-in hooks. Hide them in the tree, on plant hooks, under the chairs and pillows, or behind Grandpa’s ears for a fun photo opportunity.

Just be careful to keep the candy cane hunt limited to people and away from dogs. Dogs can eat candy canes but may experience diarrhea and vomiting if they eat too much.

You can also play a Christmas scavenger hunt with other sweet treats.

Christmas Bingo

You can download free printable Christmas bingo cards, but you can also keep the kids entertained by letting them make the Bingo cards for everyone.

It’s a good idea to do this in advance, and a great way to encourage some craft skills in the holiday break leading up to Christmas day.

Christmas Bunco

The classic dice game only requires dice and paper. We have handy guides to help you:

We also have a guide to playing Bunco with different prizes and money, which can become one of your go-to family Christmas games. Use holiday-themed candy, gifts, or even play for cash as a way to spread some fun.

Christmas Mexican Train Dominoes

Our partner site at Mexican Train Dominoes is another great way to host a family gathering. You can play with up to a dozen people depending on the size of your domino set. We have guides to help you:

Christmas games work best when they’re adaptable all year round so you can play anytime. Mexican Train Dominoes is a popular domino game that’s been around for generations.

Toss jingle bells like it’s hot

The classic game of hot potato works well with literal jingle bell strands. Play Christmas songs and when the songs stop, the person holding the jingle bells loses. You can even require the loser to sing a song, share something they’re thankful for, or improv Christmas mad libs.

Christmas gift dice roll

Solve the age-old problem of who the first person is to unwrap gifts by using a dice roll. Have each family member take turns rolling dice. The number they roll determines how many gifts they can choose from the central gift pile. For example, if someone rolls a 4, they can choose four gifts. The catch is that they don't get to open the gifts until everyone has taken a turn.

After all the gifts are chosen, take turns opening the presents by rolling dice to see who rolls the highest number, snake eyes, a three or even a five-of-a-kind, or other agreed-upon value. This game adds an element of suspense and surprise to your gift exchange.

Reindeer races

Have the kids put together a little paper racetrack, then using regular six-sided dice, have them roll to move Christmas-themed objects like presents, candy canes, etc.) around the track. Each space can represent a special prize (or punishment!). Maybe landing on Santa's reindeer moves you ahead, but landing on a melted snowman might lose your turn.

Christmas Yahtzee

The classic Yahtzee game can use holiday-themed dice instead of traditional numbers. Or, create a customized Yahtzee scorecard with Christmas-related categories like “stocking stuffer” instead of a three-of-a-kind, or “Festive Fives” instead of a full house.

What’s your favorite Christmas party game?

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